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The Antioch Word: WYSO Hosts the Co-op Swap for returning students during Community Meeting

Each quarter, the Antioch community welcomes back students returning from their Cooperative Education work terms with an opportunity to share about their experiences in the weekly Community Meeting space. This past quarter, Co-op student at WYSO, Mari Smith, captured the student’s tales in a podcast for The Antioch Word. The Antioch Word is a monthly podcast that was started by a Co-op student in her time at WYSO and continues to be a project for each new student Co-oping at WYSO.

To learn more about WYSO, its connection to Antioch College, or the Antioch Word, check out this site.



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Brooke Bryan is Dean of Cooperative, Experiential & International Education as well as an Associate Professor of Writing, Aesthetics & Digital Studies at Antioch College. She specializes in phenomenological oral history and undergraduate research pedagogy. With expertise in the digital humanities, philosophy, and research interests in material and immaterial culture, she develops partnerships and field-based research opportunities for Antioch students— scaffolding their intensive engagement with communities through interview projects.

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