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The Paper Apocalypse I Call an Office: Mickey Herrera ’20 at DIF Corregidora in Corregidora, Mexico

My co-op job is in a quiet small town in Mexico called Corregidora, Queretaro. Unfortunately, the office I work in does not channel the vibes of the town. Once you step in, it is chaos.

I work at DIF Corregidora, a government organization that focuses on helping families have a better life. We offer food, medical, and transportation services to families in need. The process to be approved to receive such services is quite lengthy, especially as only 10 people work in that department. The outside of the building is homey, relaxing, and—for lack of a better word—cute, but the inside is completely different. Once you step inside the office, files on top of papers on top of more files cover most of the desks and there are people running around looking for a missing signature, photo, or file.

Despite this, I really enjoy working here. I come from a big family so I’m used to chaos and often feel at peace in the middle of this unorganized disaster. There are also times when I step away from the copy machine and actually interact with people, and I am never disappointed. I tend to forget how vastly different people are and the interesting little facts about them, so at the end of every meeting, I have learned something new.

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Mickey is first year undecided major at Antioch College. Originally from Texas. He has special intrest in biology, animal sceince, visual art, and performance art. He spends his extra time drawing, reading, and chasing after dogs. He is currently working at the National System for the Integral Development of the Family in Mexico.

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