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The Universal Field of PR and Communications: Gonzalez ’17 at Lincoln Park Village in Chicago, Illinois

Lincoln Park Village is located on the North side of Chicago, IL with Lake Michigan only a ten minute walk away. The Village is a non-for-profit grassroots organization that seeks the betterment of adults ages 50+ from their own homes. Along the with many member-driven programs, the Village is volunteer based. In just a short span of 5 years the Village has grown to over 380 members. It is truly a benefit to serve an organization that seeks the betterment of local communities through valuing each individual regardless of the age. Here’s an overview:

Lincoln Park Village Mission Statement

The mission of Lincoln Park Village is to enhance the quality of life and the well- being of individuals as they live longer, so they may remain integral, vibrant and contributing members of their communities.

Dianne Campbell, Founding Executive Director

Dianne is a wonderful employer who challenges me to do my best at every moment, never hesitating to allow me the opportunity to learn and grow.

Dianne’s credentials range from helping to open Chicago’s first magnet school and, from 1983-2000 as founding director and president of the Chicago Children’s Museum.

She also serves on the advisory board of the nationwide Village to Village network.

PR/Communications Intern

I work in the communications and public relations department with the hopes of spreading the Village’s mission while building a solid foundation of connections for the department.

My day-to-day activities involve calling the Alderman ward offices of Chicago and encouraging the directors of communications to promote our events in their weekly e-newsletters. Due to the variety and plethora of events the Village hosts, I have made consistent connections with several wards, which fulfills my determination to build a solid foundation!

5th Anniversary Celebration and Benefit
Featuring: The Second City Touring Company

What a wonderful celebration the Village is hosting! Experiencing first-hand the effort, care and responsibility put into creating a successful event that is estimated to have over 450 guests. I can confidently say that stuffing one thousand envelopes, soliciting numerous restaurants, and promoting in various arenas of advertisement has deeply strengthened my sense of courage.

The ability to undoubtedly call and confirm restaurant discounts, presenting the celebration as an opportunity for said restaurant promotion, is a rare skill. After this co-op I am truly grateful to acquire communications and public relations experiences with the understanding that it is an extremely universal field.

Spring Adventures

The past couple weeks the weather in Chicago has been wonderful! Frequently, I lay in Lincoln Park, a five minute walk from my apartment, and read. Currently, I am enchanted with a dialogue titled, Daisaku Ikeda and Voices for Peace from Africa, edited by Henry Indangasi and Masumi O. Hashimoto.

Kind Recognition

Featured in the member memo, which reaches all members, Laurel Baer writes, “Amelia, our co-op intern from Antioch College has been hard at work since April helping with communications and other aspects of the June 9th Fifth Anniversary event and generally making herself invaluable. We are so glad she will be with us through the end of June and don’t even want to think about her leaving.”

More on Lincoln Park Village Below!

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<p>I grew up in the Fillmore, a district in San Francisco famous for its jazz scene. My mother worked as a nurse taking night shifts while my father did his best to build a a successful cleaning company. Watching my parents struggle and overcome many difficulties inspired a strong sense of determination to create positive change in my environment. My mother's SGI Buddhist practice of respecting the dignity of life has become a foundation choosing a career path in civil rights law. </p> <p>In the Fall of 2015, I worked as a civil rights paralegal with a specific focus in police brutality and family law. Every day I witnessed civil rights injustices from blatant racism that permeates our judicial system to a clear view of the profitability that is the prison industrial complex. I am hoping to purse a career that works to create value in society for the sake people's happiness.</p>

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