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I’m working with a veterinarian in my native land of Guatemala. Most of his work is focused in Santa Cruz del Quiche. He is the only veterinarian of the Quiche department, it is a small town elevated at 2,021 above sea level.

Some of my everyday tasks include following him around town. Most of his clients come from an agronomy military school, the school has various kinds of domesticated animals. During some of the visits I learned how to deworm cattle, pigs, and sheep. I was involved in a lot of vaccinations, especially when dealing with poultry.

Guatemala does not have laws to protect the welfare of animals. I think having him in the community of Quiche has helped the well being of animals and people. It is making the lives of some animals much better. As someone who loves animals, I contributed to his work by educating the locals about the importance of spaying and neutering. This is important to do in Guatemala because the stray dog population keeps growing tremendously.

This was an important co-op to me because I was able to visit my country, but also it reassured my pre-veterinary career at Antioch!



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