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Video Production: Will Brown ’17 at The Levinson Brothers

This co-op I opted to work for a local business (in Yellow Springs) called The Levinson Brothers as the Coordinator. The Levinson Brothers is a business that provides its clients with original content, usually, in the form of a video for publishing online to Facebook, youTube, or Vimeo; or to the client’s website.

Video Projects:

The first project we did when I came onboard was for 3M. 3M wanted a video that was musical but also described the full range of products and services they provide to their new and onboarding employees. The video was shot within a year of the date prior to the re-shoot (which I was a part of). This shoot also served as a trial project for me as a new employee to see what I knew and how I would work with a team of people I didn’t know. During the shoot, I assisted with the setup of the camera and lighting equipment, setup of the shots and the material that was included, and I served as eyes and ears on matching shot-for-shot with the previous video (production phase). After the shoot, I was responsible for editing the content to match the previous video, check edits with Joel, and send a final edit version to Joel to forward to an animator who would add the various products that came up in the song as overlays on Post-it Notes (post-production) which only took 2 hours to produce a 90 second video.

In this project, I learned a quick and easy technique to mix music audio and voice-over (V.O.) audio in the video to eliminate interferences between the audios.

In another project, I was geared to serve as the editor of either a series of short videos or one longer piece that was also to be an internal circular on the website of Premier Health. In this project, I was part of a larger team which included a few actors, a lighting technician, a sound technician/ boom operator, a grip, a writer/ director, 3-5 Premier Health staffers, and myself as the person on the film slate.

In the end, I was not tasked as the editor due to a tight timeline and the fact that I was needed to help plan and manage a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, which included social media marketing planning. Also, I experience working directly with people involved with bringing the project to life (content creators and the clients).

First Feature Film:

This leads to the next big project that  I worked on this quarter: The Kickstarter campaign. The campaign was to generate the final funds to produce the first feature film for the company, entitled…

“BOY BAND: The ❤️Throb Story.” A Musical Comedy Feature Film.

A musical comedy movie about a Boy Band that’s gotten older but hasn’t grown up made locally in Dayton, Ohio by the Levinson Brothers.


Planning for the campaign started a little over a month before its start on August 30th, 2016. I was tasked with: researching other successful campaigns that matched (or were similar) to the one we wished to do; drafting elements for the material for the campaign page; gathering information about the campaign, it’s players, and other details to comply with Kickstarter campaign guidelines and Levinson’s creative flow; helped produce the Kickstarter campaign video (to be posted on campaign page and social media) on scene in Yellow Springs and Dayton Ohio; and as campaign task manager. During the campaign, I was tasked with monitoring the progress of the campaign and making suggestions to updates and social media engagement; and, post updates on the campaign page and social media networks (primarily Facebook and Twitter), as directed. The process of creating the feature film in which I was involved with (pre-production) evoked excitement and fear: the idea that someone’s creative work was going to be made real comes with many mixed emotions.

Media I Helped to Produce:

Top: Video produced as a rough and test drive for a project for the client (Tungsten Networks) and because I suggested Star Trek as a topic.

Above: This video was produced and published as an update for the Kickstarter campaign. and across social media.


Business Blurb and Role:

The company has created content (sometimes hilarious, sometimes inspiring, sometimes informational) for some of the biggest brands in the country: 3M, Conde Nast, Bud Light, DAP, NASA, Nature Valley, Trojan, Cheerios, Essence Magazine, and more. I assisted in various stages of media production for small and name brand clients; record, edit, and publish media online; assist in setup and running of business Kickstarter campaign for a feature film; publish and monitor business social media accounts via HootSuite.

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William Brown Artist Statement Background: Ever since I was a kid I wanted to pursue my dream of becoming a surgeon. I studied math and science throughout my education up until I hit a little speed bump. I decided to explore something else. I’ve always liked technology but never considered how it is used to make art or support art making. In my new-found field I wanted to explore technology, social media, video and sound editing, broadcast and theatrical technology. As a media arts major I have created many works that experiment and explore the many concepts and critiques on the uses and interpretations of various media. We also learn various workflows and techniques to shoot and edit video and sound, and how to approach sculpture in three dimensions. I have also begun exploring stage production as a theater technician and freelancing as a stage manager at a nearby university. How I see myself: I am not an artist, but I can be artful. I’m all about process. I help people with their processes of their creative works. I consult on technology, social media and marketing, crowdfunding, distribution and anything else they may need in support of their endeavors. Also, I freelance as a stage manager for theatrical productions; most recently Twilight (Fall 2016) and That’s The Way of the World (Spring 2017) under the direction of John Fleming at Central State University. My Work: My work is not clearly articulate nor has a defined direction. I’ve worked with many mediums: sound, video, acting, performance and speech, and music - to name a few. I also play with ideas of perception, intellect, vision, emotions and feelings, speech, and motive. I am also very fond of “home video” footage and I like simple, clean, aesthetics (minimalism). Projects: “Diversity at Antioch College” Spent my second co-op interviewing various members of the College community on how they defined diversity and what it meant for our community to be diverse. Not only did this project explore the various perspectives and viewpoints of how individuals of a community see diversity it also provided a lab space for me to learn the workflow of video production - from concept to post-production (editing) - and how to deal with conducting research under the College’s research review board. The goal of this project was to create a mini series to share with the community, however, it was not completed. “Listen to anOther: Vincent @ 4” A class project where I was tasked with interviewing another individual and spending time with them to gain insight into how they view the world. I elected to interview Vincent because he is one of two children of a close friend that I spend lots of time with. I love to spend time with children because of their energy and lack of shyness in sharing or expressing themselves. “Stress at Antioch” Co-produced this project with fellow classmates that documented the various sources of stress and ways to cope for Antioch students. There is testimony from students and commentary from community and mental health staff.

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