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Work in Japan: Julia Bates ’17 at Suisen Fukushikai in Osaka, Japan

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<p>I am an Antioch College biomedical student. While I have a broad range of experiences, my focus in work has been in children and education. As an Antioch student I have worked for an elementary school, as a baker, in a pediatrician's office and in Japan as a teacher's aide.</p> <p>My desired career is likely sex educator or human health educator. These are fields where America is sorely lacking; many students do not have a basic understanding of the human body and health or sexual behavior or consent. Whether as an educator or as a policy maker, it is important to work to change how we teach (or, at the moment, don't teach) our children about themselves.</p> <p>I also am a musician and visual artist. Currently I am working on a long-term comic project designed to incorporate multimedia approaches to storytelling. My work tends to explore the intersection between the visual and the audible, and the expression of storytelling in art. I find the analytical works of Scott McCloud to be a hugely valuable resource in creating any work of visual storytelling.</p> <p> </p>

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