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Working Toward My Future: Caitlyn Bove ’20 at Yellow Springs High School in Yellow Springs, Ohio

Hey! Caitlyn here, writing to you from good ole Yellow Springs. I moved off-campus in August into a big house with lots of friends! Everything has changed so much since then, which is something I’m learning to cope with.

Now I’m on co-op and finally working with kids! I was lucky enough to be hired as the math tutor Miller Fellow at Yellow Springs High School. They didn’t hire me full-time so I’m still working a few other jobs to fulfill co-op hours requirements and make rent— another thing I’m learning to navigate! I’m also taking a Queer Reading class during this co-op and experiencing familial and identity difficulties, which are all things I’m hoping to continue to grow and learn from.

Anyway, to be honest I am not the best at math. I passed everything in high school and have taken a few required math courses at Antioch but it is far from a favorite subject of mine. I took this job to challenge myself and give myself more experience working with younger people in a classroom setting. So far I’d say I’m doing a great job! I am working mostly with students who have diagnosed learning or math disabilities/difficulties. I feel very comfortable with the math we do together and I feel confident in my abilities to learn with them when we stumble into something that’s confusing.

I am so, so excited to get to work in a school for a whole year and build relationships with students and staff members there. This will be a co-op for learning to live in my body, in this house, and with this level of excitement.

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Caitlyn was born an raised in California's San Fernando Valley. She graduated from iLead North Hollywood, a public charter high school, where she received The Humanities and Poets4Progress awards upon graduation. She was also placed on the high honor roll for her final two years of preliminary schooling. She has spent much of her time not in a classroom traveling to different schools in the Los Angeles area preforming classic and original poetry with the nonprofit organization known as Get Lit Words Ignite. She currently attends Antioch College and has not declared a major yet.

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