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Antioch Horror Stories Spring 2020: Philip ’23

When I started my first year at Antioch, I wasn’t expecting to be quarantined my first co-op term.

My name is Loretta Philip, and my self-designed co-op for the 2020 spring term is to illustrate a compilation of horror stories that Quinn Ritzhaupt is writing. Our goal is to create a short story for various buildings on campus with corresponding illustrations.

COVID-19 has, needless to say, put a huge wrench into a lot of plans. I originally intended to be on campus for this project so me and my partner, Quinn, could actually explore some of these buildings ourselves. Thankfully, many people supplied us with plenty of pictures to use for inspiration.

Due to being stuck at home, I cannot make drawings in any medium other than pen on paper, and make them I did. I am surprised and grateful at my general lack of artist’s block during the pandemic. Here’s one of them that I’m most proud of.

My idea with these illustrations is to make them seem as if they were rendered hastily, almost desperately. And so far I’ve been satisfied with the results, however slow it may be to get to them. This one is simply known as the Moon Queen, inspired by late-night walks down to the Amphitheater and through the Glenn during a full moon. I hope we can all agree that the moon has a different energy to it sometimes.

Even though the term is ending, I don’t consider myself finished with this project. I plan to continue working on it until it is finished, and I hope Quinn agrees. I also hope people are still interested to see it finished because people being genuinely interested in it has honestly helped me stay motivated this term.

Here’s to less social distancing in our future!

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