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Emergency Medical Technician Training: Timmester ’22 at Miami Township Fire and Rescue in Miami Township, Ohio

This winter I’ve had the opportunity to serve as the Special Projects Coordinator at Miami Township Fire-Rescue (MTFR), located in Yellow Springs. MTFR is mostly a volunteer-based department that provides “Advanced Life Support (ALS) emergency medical transportation, fire prevention and suppression, rescue services, and safety education to the residents and over 1 million annual visitors” of Miami Township, as stated on their website, My position allows me to observe and gain hands-on experience in many different aspects of life at the station—from the day-to-day maintenance of the emergency vehicles to even riding along on whatever emergency calls may come in during my shift, which may include fire, emergency medical or rescue incidents. On a typical day, I’ll ride along on one or two emergency calls, assisting with things like moving patients and operating the stretcher. I work at the station during the day, and in the evenings I go to Clark State for EMT classes. When I complete the course in the spring, I’ll continue working at MTFR as a volunteer EMT. Given what a fulfilling experience it has been working at MTFR, I may also go on to attempt to earn my firefighter or paramedic credentials, so that I can continue to become more involved.

Working at MTFR is fulfilling because of the clear impact the station has on the community. Whether it is helping an older resident up from a fall or responding to a dangerous car crash, the community relies on these firefighters, EMTs and paramedics. It aligns with my educational goals because my degree has a biomedical focus. Most undergraduate opportunities in the field revolve around research, but I have always been more interested in the actual practice of medicine. Therefore, I cannot imagine a co-op more perfect for my specific career goals and interests.

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