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Julia Bates ’17 is currently in Eureka, California on her third co-op. She is working primarily as a Medical Scribe and occasionally as a Medical Assistant at Eureka Pediatrics under the supervision of Dr. Dalton. Her days consistent of documenting patient-doctor interactions for medical record keeping, rooming patients and taking vitals, and she has even had the chance to practice various medical techniques, such as looking inside ears or observing symptoms. Because of the rural location of Eureka, in many cases the nearest pediatric specialist is a long five or six hour drive to San Francisco, so Eureka Pediatrics serves as a great provider of care locally to parents of infants, toddlers, and children. Beyond increasing her knowledge of medical terminology, Julia is making a positive difference in the health and lives of many children! Way to go, Julia!

Photo Credit: Eureka Pediatrics Website

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Tanya Couch serves as the Career Communications Coordinator within the Cooperative Education Program. In this role, Tanya prepares students for post-graduate success, by assisting in career development such as resume building, interviewing skills, online profile development, and providing general advice and guidance how to pursue a full-time work or graduate studies opportunity.

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