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Nikki Sadaat ’16 just recently returned from a week long trip to New Zealand where she attended the ScienceTeller 2015 conference –a conference that she helped plan in her 3 month co-op at The University of Otago: Centre for Science Communication in Dunedin, New Zealand. Nikki worked as an assistant researcher under the supervision of Associate Professor Jesse Bering. Professor Bering is “a popular science author who is best known for his work dealing with evolutionary psychology in matters of sex, religion, and suicide.” In her time at the Centre for Science Communication, Nikki held several responsibilities from running transgression studies to recording of notes to planning for the ScienceTeller 2015 –the most important being the promotion of the ScienceTeller 2015. Nikki was in charge of “setting up radio advertisements, creating posters and rack cards, securing venues, final website and logo designs, incorporating other departments in the university, and lastly, spreading the information throughout the town of Dunedin as well.” While attending the conference, she was able to enjoy the fruits of her labor! Great work, Nikki!

*excerpts taken from Nikki Sadaat blog assignment

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Tanya Couch serves as the Career Communications Coordinator within the Cooperative Education Program. In this role, Tanya prepares students for post-graduate success, by assisting in career development such as resume building, interviewing skills, online profile development, and providing general advice and guidance how to pursue a full-time work or graduate studies opportunity.

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