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Colectiva Artivista – Art & Activism For Mujeres y Feminidades: Navarette ’19 in Buenos Aires, Argentina

It’s  2019, I’m in my fourth year at Antioch College and I’m on my fifth co-op in Buenos Aires Argentina working with the mujeres from Mujeres De Artes Tomar.

These women organize to empower women as well as feminine people through art and activism or what they call artivismo. Their mission statement is…

“Somos una ColectivA ArtivistA para el empoderamiento de mujeres y feminidades.

Sentir, pensar, decir, hacer disidente, en rebelde alegría, libertad, autonomía, plenitud, por el ejercicio de nuestros derechos y el goce de nuestras vidas, por una sociedad en equidad y libre de toda violencia.”

Which translates to…

“We are a Collective of Art and Activism for the empowerment of women and feminine people.

Feel, think, say, make dissident, in rebellious joy, freedom, autonomy, fulfillment, for the exercise of our rights and the enjoyment of our lives, for a society in equity and free of all violence.”

This co-op is powerful and connected to divine energy. These mujeres are organizing to make powerful statements and redirect energy dedicated to healing and transformation of the culture of violence towards women and femenine people. March is a major month as it is filled with activities, workshops, and action. Part of my job is to assist with these events as well as participate in hands on learning. The other part of my work here is research and helping identify opportunities for the group to present, perform, and locate funding to continue the important work these women are doing.  On a day to day basis change is being made by empowering and healing women and I feel very grateful to be a part of this work.

 Photo credit: Mujeres de Artes Tomar –

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As a student at Antioch College not only am I immersed in superb rigorous work, but I am also thrown out of the coop and into the co-op world where I am expected to make my own temporary coop then return to the coop I was kicked out of to apply my experience to my education to foster tools for my future permanent coop. As of today, I am working two jobs for the first time which has proved to somehow be more tiring than working the same amount of hours at one job. This experience however, humbles me as well as tests my leadership abilities in the workplace. In regards to my first two weeks of co op I feel reminded of how testing capabilities is necessary for growth in many cases as well as a positive attitude. Progress is relative, and having a flexible agenda allows you to restructure your time in ways that leads to better work, and more enthusiastic productivity. And as I test my leadership skills in the workplace it is evident that giving myself this same flexibility to work on myself is strategic since I can allow myself more time to really focus on one part of me that needs more love than other parts of me that may not be ready for that kind of over whelming experience. While all of my skills in both of my workplaces are really mediocre I feel like these revelations of time and energy are both key elements in making my work move from mediocre to great. As well as the enthusiasm of my employers, and their willingness to not only answer my questions but teach me the ways of their profession.

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