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Oral History in the Liberal Arts Fellow and WYSO Miller Fellow: Mary Evans ’21 at OHLA and WYSO in Yellow Springs, Ohio

Developing platforms and holding space is something that is very important to me. I know first hand what not having a voice feels like. Since being at Antioch, I decided to start two websites. My first website focuses on stories of incarceration and reintegration.

My second website focuses on life experiences at Antioch and in general. My first co-op at  brought so many opportunities. From co-hosting a podcast, to building a work relationship post co-op. For this I am truly blessed.

While working at WYSO as the 2018 Miller Fellow, I was able to take on different interview topics and make the most out of my Co-host Position on the Antioch Word podcast at WYSO.

Every encounter brought on an informative journey. In this interview, Emily Foubert, who volunteers at Glen Helen, discusses her love for birds and programs offered to the community at The Glen.

Listen here to the full interview and read the article.

I am now co-oping at Oral History in the Liberal Arts (OHLA). I am the Digital Archivist Coordinator. OHLA’s is a faculty collective working to animate teaching and learning through community-based inquiry. I get to collect content and data, hard code it on the back end of the OHLA website, and manage the projects along with the social media platforms OHLA uses. I am in my first month at this job and I absolutely love it.

Every co-op I go on correlates to my major. I plan to graduate with a BA in Media Arts and focus in on Website Development and Digital Marketing. By running two websites while ultimately managing the OHLA website, I am shaping myself for the fast paced world of Website and Social Media Management.

This winter, I decided to keep a storymap journal. Click here to view.

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Mary Evans is an attending student at Antioch College. She was the 2018 Miller Fellow at WYSO for her first Co-op experience. She is now the Digital Archivist Coordinator for Oral History in the Liberals Arts, at Antioch College. She is self-designing a BA in Media Arts with a focus on Web Development and Digital Marketing.

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