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Faculty Spotlight: Brian Kot

Brian Kot, Assistant Professor of Biology/Environmental Science, and Kelly Hudson, Lab Technician, recently accessioned a collection of 230 Molluscs to Antioch’s new and growing zoological collection.

The Molluscs were graciously donated by David Keith Metty, semi-professional malacologist and father of Antioch student Emma Metty. They were part of his large, professionally-prepared group of material, collected over 40-plus years.

Some of the donated specimens are rare and difficult to find in Ohio, and include: Three-Horn Warty Backs, Giant Floaters, Pink Heel Splitters, Pimple Backs, Fat Muckets, Deer Toes, Pistol Grips, and Monkey Faces. These specimens are valuable for both teaching and research, and are intended to be used to facilitate student research projects aiming to test for morphological variation between groups.

Brian has led the establishment of Antioch’s zoological teaching collection, which is now approaching 4,000 specimens. “I’m proud of this collection, use it regularly, and am encouraging all of you [Science] (and the Art folks) to make use of it in your classes.”

Those interested in the zoological collection are encouraged to contact Brian or Kelly for a tour.

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