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Congratulations to Assistant Professor of Media Arts Kelly Gallagher, winner of the Ivan Kaljević Award for unconventional approach from the Alternative Film/Video Festival Belgrade for her newest film More Dangerous Than a Thousand Rioters, which is receiving international attention.

Kelly was chosen by a jury of prominent artists and filmmakers: Marina Gržinić, Eve Heller and Peter Tscherkassky, and, as part of the award, wins a retrospective screening of her films, as well as a residency to produce her next film.

As an animator and filmmaker, Kelly analyzes political and power relationships, particularly as they relate to gender and race. Her film More Dangerous Than a Thousand Rioters, which recently premiered on The Nation, is centered on the life of Lucy Parsons, who, as Kelly describes, “spent her entire life fighting for the rights of the disenfranchised…I made this short animated-documentary, as a celebration for and appreciation of Lucy Parsons—but mostly I made it because if we are to find a way forward out of the mess that is coming our way, we will need to actively seek out revolutionary heroes who struggled before us. Those who risked their lives for struggle every day—those who fought tirelessly against the ruling class and the rule of capital. Animation allows us the incredible power of resurrection—the ability to bring back to life the stories and struggles that we need to remember and learn from today, more than ever.”

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