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From Ohio Suburbs to the Big City of San Francisco: Sarah LavenderNees ’19 at Zoetrope Aubry Productions

My first co-op was as a documentary intern at Zoetrope Aubry Productions (ZAP) in the Presidio of San Francisco, California. I have grown up with a love for media and the arts, and a long-time passion of mine has been film and all of the steps taken to release a film. Because of this incredible opportunity to work at ZAP, I was able to learn the stages of post-film production.

In my time with ZAP, I helped create tribute reels for award winners of the 59th San Francisco International Film Festival (SFIFF). While working with ZAP and the SFIFF, I was able to view films that I helped work on.

Over this co-op, I learned and tuned my knowledge of post-production equipment, programs, and even how to run a film screening myself. I could not have imagined a better first co-op.

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My name is Sarah LavenderNees (My preferred name is Azura) and I am in the class of 2019. My major is a self-design in Intersectionality Studies focusing on race, ethnicity, culture and religions.

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