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Faculty Spotlight: Brian Kot

Brian Kot, Assistant Professor of Biology and Environmental Science, accessioned an additional 1,400-plus specimens to Antioch College’s zoological collection.

The specimens were donated by David Keith Metty, semi-professional malacologist and father of Antioch student Emma Metty. This is Mr. Metty’s second donation the zoological collection.

These, and the 230 Molluscs that comprise the first donation, were part of his large, professionally-prepared group of material, collected over 40-plus years. Antioch College is deeply grateful to Mr. Metty for his generosity and contributions of valuable specimens, which have already been used for teaching and research purposes, and will continue to be for many years to come.

Brian and his Conservation Biology (ENVS 330) students recently conducted an exercise with the new shell collection. These upper-division students analyzed and sketched the bivalves and gastropods, and then developed a practice research proposal to address a conservation-based scientific question.


One favorite specimen was the giant washboard mussel (Megalonaias nervosa).


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