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“Happiness is Knowing There is Cake in the Oven”: Jumana Snow ’17 at The Cakery in Troy, Ohio

First Order

First Order

I currently work at The Cakery in Troy, Ohio. It is a small corporation that is known for their baked goods and receiving an award for best Buckeyes in Ohio.

During my time at the cake shop, I have eaten cupcakes, cookies, cakes and much more almost every day. Some of my responsibilities were placing orders, greeting customers, and being organized. The Cakery has definitely welcomed me as their own since day one, from there on I have developed friendships and gained hands-on experiential learning experiences. I have progressed gradually through my cake decorating techniques and in sales.

This wonderful opportunity has broadened my future goals and I intend to work hard enough to open my very own business. I couldn’t have done it without my friends at work. (Alicia, Megan , and Courtney)





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Jumana moved to Yellow Springs ,OH from Suadi Arabia. She is currently studying visual arts at Antioch College. Her passion is to bring a new cultural meaning to art from her life experiences.

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