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The Broke Chef: How to Sharpen a Knife Using a Sharpening Rod


One of the most vital tools you use in the kitchen are your knives. When using knives, it is important to make sure they stay sharp…the sharper the knife the easier it will be to use. When you have a dull knife you are forced to apply more pressure which allows more room for error. You really want to let your knife do the work when cutting so that you stay as safe as possible. This is a short video on how to use a sharpening rod to keep your knives crisp. Sharpening your knife improperly will only dull it.

Click this link for tutorial: Knife Sharpening Tutorial 

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Hi, my name is Shelby Glee Pratt. I was born and raised in a small town in northern Indiana, and moved to Ohio for my undergraduate degree. I am currently still in the process of obtaining my bachelors in Psychology. Beyond that, I am trying to combine the Culinary world with Psychology. One of my biggest passions in life is cooking. More than being passionate, I am motivated to bring sustainability and ethics to the culinary industry. In my downtime I enjoy reading cook books and magazines, watching documentaries, and traveling, among other things.

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