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Of Mics and Media: Connie Brunson ’18 at Antioch College Media Department in Yellow Springs, Ohio

For my final co-op, I wanted to work directly with the community I’ve come to know and love during my past three years at Antioch College. With this idea in mind, I accepted a co-op position working for Antioch’s Media department. I worked daily setting up media equipment such as microphones, speakers, and soundboards for any and all events that took place on campus. Weekly, I manned the setup for the college’s Community Meetings, where students, faculty, and staff met together in order to express any concerns, give appreciations, and discuss important topics affecting our daily lives within our community.

A photo of a large amount of white cables attached to a monitor.

A group of cables in the building I do equipment checks in.


Connie Brunson in their media arts uniform, holding a grey racing pigeon outside of South Gym during Antioch's 2017 alumni reunion.

Me working during Antioch’s 2017 alumni reunion, where I helped get a tired racing pigeon back on its feet.


Since prior to this co-op I knew next to nothing about how sound boards or microphones were set up, I hit the ground running and really had to learn as I worked rather than having time for in-depth training during my time as a Media Assistant. While not what I would have previously preferred, I believe that hands-on, in the field training has greatly increased my understanding of media equipment and what electronics are used across campus each day. During my first week of this co-op, I set up equipment for one of the college’s biggest events, our Alumni Reunion. This meant that myself and the two other media assistants were responsible for setting up, maintaining, and taking down equipment for every alumni event, movie showing, and fancy dinner with guest speakers during that week. I ended up working 14 hour days nearly that entire week, but the feeling of accomplishment from successfully assisting in such an important event for our alumni was its own reward.


A black sound board at an angle with red lights.

A sound board I was working during an event.

A dark silhouette of Antioch College's Main Hall against a blue sky with clouds and the moon visible in the background.

A photo of Main Hall that I took during a student-run event one night.

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Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, Connie Brunson works mainly with acrylic paint, found objects, and Adobe Suite software in making their paintings and animations. By combining traditional art practices with animation, they create colorful and unique pieces which delve into the possibilities granted through experimental art and animation. Their animations frequently explore mental health, LGBTQ+ issues, the struggles of grieving for a deceased parent, and the natural world. They have interned with Costume Specialists Inc. in Columbus, OH, producing mascot costumes as a full worker, co-oped under Robert Mulvihil, renowned ornithologist at the National Aviary, and won various placements in contests for their hand-made costumes, including We Love Colors' 2014 Halloween Costume Contest.

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