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“It couldn’t be any better”: Anthony Maldonado ’26 at the Olive Kettering Library

           As of April 11th (but technically dates back to September 2022), I have been part of the Olive Kettering staff. Before my Co-op, I felt that the library was more of a position, where I just check-in/out books to students, functioned as a cashier for the C-store, and get mail/packages when they arrive. Fortunately, my Co-op includes the same responsibilities as well as additional tasks. To give you an understanding of what I do, I will like to explain a week in Co-op as an official library assistant and member of the Olive Kettering Library.

          With my position being considered a Co-op, I expected to be busy by the minute and be doing some list of tasks that would take my whole day. In retrospect, my Co-op would be more like when I worked here as a job, but now there is an agenda to address in terms of work and time. On a normal basis, I am in charge of the circulation desk and the duties that come with being in the front. Members of the Library like Emily Samborsky (Director of the Olive Kettering Library) or Scott Sanders (Antioch College Archivist) may also task me with other responsibilities. Additionally, a week may consist of me doing some type of project to be done as soon as possible. Altogether, this type of schedule is more than fine with me, because I originally wanted to be flexible and understanding with others’ workloads and be as accommodating as I can. Also, I liked being busy with something since it meant that I was helping with the workload and what needed to be done. 

        Without considering additional projects, I’m normally stationed at the front desk to request/search for books for students, staff, and anyone looking for books or information. This position includes tending to the C-store, grabbing packages to send to the mailroom, offering help at the circulation desk, and more.  I  am there from 1-7 PM from Monday to Thursday, and 6-10 PM on Sundays, in front of the circulation desk to help whoever needs it. It does sound simple, but being in the front does help the members of the Library do whatever they need to take care of.  Most of the time, the staff body is busy with either or with the current remodeling happening with the periodicals area or the archives collection upstairs in the library. By being present and helping people who come in, the building can run steadily throughout the week.

          Although I enjoy a calmer and more routine-like day, the fun part of the Co-op is the changing agendas/projects. To elaborate, I was able to help with cataloging/withdrawing the VHS we hold, and about 180 VHS tapes (pictured below) were cataloged during my third week of the Co-op. Now that we have the ISBN and name of the VHS collected onto a spreadsheet for the library, the director of the library will determine the fate of each individual title.


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