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Kaleigh Harris ’15 In The Field With Alumnus Michael Bare ’02

Michael Bare, Antioch class of ’02, lives in San Francisco and works in public health for two national LGBT health organizations. I met him at his apartment on Nob Hill, which had a terrific view of the city (peep the iconic Coit Tower on Telegraph Hill in the photograph). He was preparing to bake a cake for his partner’s brother, who was visiting for the week, but he took some time to have a conversation with me on his gorgeous, sunny rooftop.

I didn’t feel like I was going to a college where it was Grade 13. I felt like I was going somewhere where I was treated like an adult. I was given the opportunity to have experiences both academically and in co-op that just branched the whole theory-practice divide. That’s what I wanted, the whole social justice framework that Antioch was built upon, and the way that reached into everything that they did. That’s one of the reasons I went there. Going to Antioch definitely improved my vocabulary to be able to talk about social disparities and to talk about the impacts of social justice. Going there allowed me to travel, which is something that most young people want to do. It gave me the opportunity to really study a broad array of things that I didn’t think I was interested in before I got to Antioch. It exposed me to all kinds of viewpoints and cultures that I had not experienced prior.

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<p>Kaleigh Harris was a member of the Class of 2015 at Antioch College. Her most memorable co-op was as a Digital Liberal Arts Specialist, traveling the U.S. and interviewing Antioch Alumni about their Antioch experiences. She is a documentarian, independent writer, photographer, videographer, and blogger. Kaleigh is passionate about social justice and creating positive change in the world. She majored in Literature with a focus in creative writing and media. She hopes to combine these two concentrations to help capture and share unique narratives that help to shed light on various acts of systemic violence against minorities, as well as personal narratives that help to create empathetic understanding among people. Kaleigh's work has appeared in several galleries, and she hopes to utilize the internet as an educational platform and a way of sharing impactful stories. She grew up in Eugene, Oregon with her 4 siblings and single mother.</p>

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