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Kaleigh Harris ’15 In The Field With Alumnus Niko Kowell ’08

Niko Kowell ’08 currently works at TRANS: THRIVE in San Francisco, California. I met with him after interviewing Michael Bare ’02 just around the corner from Niko’s office (which had the vibe of a place where somebody works a lot). On a chair was a pile of boxes full of pasta packages. “You like pasta?” I asked him. He told me that it wasn’t necessarily that he had a particular fondness for pasta, but that the kitchen was full and he was keeping food in his office for clients of TRANS: THRIVE. We talked about Antioch, old and new, and about some of his more formative co-op experiences.

I don’t know where I would be if I hadn’t gone to Antioch. Antioch allowed me to grow in a way that I’m not sure I would have been able to do in Cincinatti. It allowed me to experience other things and not be afraid to go other places. Now I feel like I can pack my stuff up and move to wherever, and I’m not worried about it, because I know what it takes to get an apartment and get a job and make new friends and try to get into a new community, and it’s not scary. And when I was 19, that terrified me. So I think Antioch really allowed me to grow as a person, into the type of person that I wanted to be, that didn’t have this fear around who I was and where I could go and what I could do.

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<p>Kaleigh Harris was a member of the Class of 2015 at Antioch College. Her most memorable co-op was as a Digital Liberal Arts Specialist, traveling the U.S. and interviewing Antioch Alumni about their Antioch experiences. She is a documentarian, independent writer, photographer, videographer, and blogger. Kaleigh is passionate about social justice and creating positive change in the world. She majored in Literature with a focus in creative writing and media. She hopes to combine these two concentrations to help capture and share unique narratives that help to shed light on various acts of systemic violence against minorities, as well as personal narratives that help to create empathetic understanding among people. Kaleigh's work has appeared in several galleries, and she hopes to utilize the internet as an educational platform and a way of sharing impactful stories. She grew up in Eugene, Oregon with her 4 siblings and single mother.</p>

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