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Meeting Amazing People: DeVito ’19 at Friends Care Community in Yellow Springs, Ohiio

For the past seven months, I have been working as an administrative assistant at Friends Care Community, a nursing home, which shockingly, has been anything but a boring experience. I work alongside our Director of Admission and Marketing, Becky Baker, who is honestly one of the most amazing people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, and I’ve met some amazing people. I think that is the main benefit of my job, meeting amazing people.  Becky is  strong-willed, empathetic, and one of the best listeners; she is someone I want to be when I get older. Everyday comes with new assignments, or as she calls them, “projects” that keep me on my toes. From working on our newsletter, to helping check-in residents, I rarely find a moment without something to do. One of my favorite “projects” , was to interview residents about their lives. The question, “Where did you grow up?”, takes myself on a journey where within minutes I am sucked into their stories. There is nothing that compares to hearing history through those who have lived it. I’ve met a man who worked for General Douglas McArthur, a woman who worked for Dr. Sontag, a man who tracked Sputnik, and a professor of German Literature, like a said, amazing people.

One of the biggest drawback to this job is losing residents, but it is ironically what I am fascinated by. Normally, when you enter a nursing home, you don’t leave until your body is taken to the funeral home, it’s just how it is. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve met some amazing people, and one thing I have learned is that they die too. This job has strangely made me very aware of my own mortality, that even those who have led amazing lives, can still end up here. And in being aware of my own mortality, I feel more connected. Most of my life, there is an endless chatter in my mind being concerned with what’s best for me, with what will help me, but since understanding my role in this job, it is a lot quieter in my brain. I don’t feel completely consumed with understanding myself, but understanding others around me.

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<p>Hi there, I am Graysen DeVito and it appears you have found my biography page. I will keep this short and simple, particularly because I am not a fan of talking about myself, but here goes.  I am first year college student living through the never ending battle that is Antioch College, where we don't just fight for humanity but also sleep, good grades, and a decent social life. Yellow Springs is now the place I call home, but it used to be sitting on the beach looking up at the stars from Palm Harbor, Florida. In regards to my family, I didn't necessarily "grow up" with my two brothers, considering they are close to ten years younger, but I love them nonetheless. In my free time, I would consider myself a "movie connoisseur." This just means I like to watch movies and pretend I have a professional opinion on them, because I watch a lot movies. I don't have free time very often though, because currently I am working two jobs. I am a hostess at William's Eatery on the weekends and an administrative assistant to Friends Care Community during the work week. I cherish both of these positions because how different they are. One day I am holding the hand of a resident family member, and another I am a representation of Yellow Springs to many tourist who come through our doors for good food and a good time. I never expected to move 1,000 miles away from home, but I've enjoyed the journey so far and am excited for what the future holds. When I got to Antioch, I thought I had it all figured out, what my major was, what I wanted as a career, and how the plans I had were fixed, unchangeable. After spending only nine months here though, I've grown to find that my plans are as changeable as the Ohio weather, and I am preparing for the storm.</p> <p>Thank you for reading :)</p>

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