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More Opportunities Equals More To Learn: Cara Stedman ’22 and Integrative Learning

For my Co-Op I have chosen to participate in multiple work experiences as a means of educating and supporting myself in a variety of ways. My primary job is at CB CB Bar and Grill where I work as one of the restaurant servers. My second job is continuing my work in the Antioch College Media Arts Department.  My third job is the most related to my academic endeavors. I am working and volunteering with the college counselor to gain experience working as an advocate and assistant in the world of mental health.

My primary job is at a restaurant called Cold Beer And Cheeseburgers It is a fun atmosphere. I regularly work in shifts with the owner and manager. I have begun learning small things that make or break customer service. I have also learned a lot in terms of how to speak to your different audiences. This by extension gives me a better perspective when writing to a particular audience. I also work to advertise our specials and do the server prep work which includes portioning our sauces since they are all made from scratch in house. I have also been learning about all the work that goes into running a restaurant/grill like this one from the owner and manager. Most of the people I work with are very team-driven and focused since the servers and kitchen have to work in time with each other. I think I am enjoying this job the most due to the friendly work atmosphere and how rewarding I feel the work is.

My third job with Antioch College’s counselor has really been giving me a chance to use my organizational skills. I am currently helping her put together a program where we will have a movie, a special guest Skype call, and discussion. These programs each have different themes and are put together in collaboration with other colleges to continue educating and dialoguing with the community. I am really excited to continue the work!

In general, my co-op has already been extremely fulfilling both personally and academically. My goals are to continue personal educational research and learn from my diverse jobs’ skill sets. I would say this co-op for me would be best described as well-rounded. I am beginning to understand the importance of learning how to give good service and work ethic in multiple ways. This experience feels like the first step to my future professional career.

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