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Spotlight: Antioch Nine Revitalized by Contemporary Collaborative Practices Class

Antioch College often boasts a lack of a football team, but this Fall, an art class revitalized Antioch’s famed baseball team, the Antioch Nine, and brought together sports, collaborative art, and community in true Antioch fashion.

The class, taught by professor Forest Bright, invited the 2017 candidates for various Yellow Springs political positions to play a game on November 5th. Despite stormy weather, the game went off without a hitch. Many candidates came out to represent their respective campaigns, and community members attended to cheer on classmates and candidates alike.

It was a very energetic and close game, and the score is still being determined. Although the outcome remains unclear, what is clear is that the event was a wonderful opportunity for community members from Antioch and from the greater Yellow Springs community to come together and enjoy an afternoon of sport and fun.


Photographs provided by Jackie Mulhall and Ethan Schultz.

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Ella Arnold is a fourth year Horace Mann Fellow at Antioch College. She is pursuing a Bachelor's of Arts in Visual Arts.

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