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Student Spotlight: Lina Tons ’19

“Many people fail to realize that there are just as many starving children [in America], some just around the corner,” remarks Lina Tons ’19. With this understanding, she used her first co-op as an opportunity to combat this truth, and joined the team at Feeding America San Diego. “Feeding America’s goal is to nourish and educate through advocacy and outreach into the communities.”
As a member of the Feeding America team, Lina worked as a CalFresh Case Manager. With the help of the other interns and the direction of her wonderful supervisor, Lina set out to both educate and assist. A big portion of her role took place out in the community “helping people sign up for CalFresh or the SNAP program.” When she was not out in the community, she focused on completing various tasks back at the office, which included cataloging and calendar editing. Beyond the invaluable reward of assisting those in need, Lina was also able to acquire valuable skills and techniques for handling difficult conversations and diffusing situations that may have escalated. Lina was grateful for the opportunity to work alongside a wonderful team and to help the community of San Diego.
Photo Credit: Lina Tons ’19
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Tanya Couch serves as the Career Communications Coordinator within the Cooperative Education Program. In this role, Tanya prepares students for post-graduate success, by assisting in career development such as resume building, interviewing skills, online profile development, and providing general advice and guidance how to pursue a full-time work or graduate studies opportunity.

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