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Here is a quick guide to some acronyms I may use for recipes so that you are aware of what is in the food.

GF = Gluten Free

V = Vegan

SF = Soy Free

DF = Dairy Free

EF = Egg Free

MF = Meat Free

NF = Nut Free

PB = Plant Based

You will find these at the top of recipes for maximum efficiency.


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Hi, my name is Shelby Glee Pratt. I was born and raised in a small town in northern Indiana, and moved to Ohio for my undergraduate degree. I am currently still in the process of obtaining my bachelors in Psychology. Beyond that, I am trying to combine the Culinary world with Psychology. One of my biggest passions in life is cooking. More than being passionate, I am motivated to bring sustainability and ethics to the culinary industry. In my downtime I enjoy reading cook books and magazines, watching documentaries, and traveling, among other things.

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