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Education & Youth Empowerment

This summer for my final co-op I've been working at the Trailside Museum at Glen Helen. Trailside Museum is a small, museum space at

I am completing my fourth co-op as a student (Miller Fellow) teacher at the Yellow Springs Community Children's Center. Their philosophy at the center is

For my fourth and final co-op experience, I'm living and working in Osaka, Japan. I studied Japanese for three years at Antioch, and am

My third co-op was a mixture of immersing myself in place, connecting with my roots, and searching for clues to my future. It was

Faculty here at Antioch College have deep roots in the community. For professor Mario Rodriguez Garcia, this has been true for decades. Beginning in

The saying "never look a gift horse in the mouth" has always been a favorite of mine and I really do feel that it